Thanks to our own warehouse, we can quickly provide an efficient original spare parts service for our presses.

Request a spare part is very simple:

Download the form provided below, compiled (also pc) and send it to us by e mail or fax!

Spare Parts Request



Fax: +39 035 8350116

Our engineers also will help you to better identify the piece you need.
Once submitted your request you will receive a quote, confirmed that your piece will be sent to you!

It happens sometimes having to intervene on the machines for maintenance or to make changes.

To obtain service in your factory is sufficient for you to download the following form, fill it out and send it to us via fax or email.

Intervention Request


Fax +39 035 841280

Once you send us the form we will organize as soon as possible the intervention!

Do you have doubts ? Need advice for your machine? You have a new material to work and looking for the right machine?
Our technical department can help you!

Request information to the email:

In recent years, thanks to constant research, we have developed new ways of customer service. For some years in fact our most important systems can be supplied with Teleassistance device that allows us to interact with the machine even thousands of kilometers away. These devices can operate by cable, GSM or WiFi.

If you already have one or would like to mount the device on your machine, and you need an intervention fill out the form that you find below and send it to us by email or fax.

Teleassistance Request


Fax +39 035 841280