Our Company

In OMC Machinery srl we design and manufacture Presses, for working Wood, Rubber, Polyurethane, Solid Surface and Innovative Materials.

With 5 specialized departments: Engineering, Carpentry and Welding, Electro – Hydro – Pneumatic, Painting, Finishing,  we can produce every detail independently.

In this way the machine ,and it’s components are followed by Us in any construction phase.

All this confers to our range of presses not only solidity and reliability over time, but also the possibility to personalize according to specific customer’s requirements.

From our experience over the years we have realized that to build the “Right Pressdialogue is essential: to understand fully the needs of the processing and to recommend the right configuration of the machine is the first step to success.

In addition to support Presale, OMC Machinery srl. also offers an efficient post sale service, our technicians provide: ready answers to doubts or advice for our machines, supply of spare parts, remote assistance via Teleservice.


It is 1983, passion for mechanics, determination, ruthlessness: Livio Colleoni founded in the garage of his house what it is now the OMC Machinery srl.

It’s been 33 years since then, but the fighting spirit increases every day and the support of family, who now works with him, urges him every day in the technological  and innovation growth.


Our company now boasts of three operating units divided into five specialized departments that enable the entire production at home.

Mechanical department: with planers lathes and CNC milling machines for precise machining, here every days are originate cylinders of our presses, entirely made in OMC Machinery.

Carpentry and Welding department: equipped with the best welding systems; here our machines are assembled, welded the coils and cylinders.

 Electro-Hydro-Pneumatic Department: our technicians design and assemble electrical, hydraulic and pneumatic systems/plants. The materials used in this department are the best brands to ensure maximum performance and easier of availability of spare parts in all world markets.

Painting departement : with a large spray booth last generation. Here our presses are thoroughly cleaned and then painted.

Finishing department: In this department the machines are completely finished, then subjected to testing and quality control.

We are a team which slowly is conquering the world market, without forgetting the core values on which the OMC Machinery srl was founded: quality, availability, continuous innovation.